Specialists outsourcing

Specialists or entire teams at your disposal,
ready to help you finish or deliver your IT project from A to Z. 

What is team augmentation?

If your project lacks certain skills or resources at the moment, and you don’t have the time or budget to hire employees yourself, you can fill those gaps with external specialists. That’s what team augmentation or outsourcing is. This collaboration model allows you to manage your resources easily and focus on the most important thing – delivering your project. We will take care of the rest.

We have many specialists available to support your team. Our main areas of expertise are:

Outsourcing models

Single Specialists

You choose the skillset and number of specialists, and we pick the top ones and outsource them to work for your company. We have specialists from different IT fields: back-end, front-end developers, quality assurance specialists, project managers. All the people we work with have years of experience and a business mindset.

  • You choose the number of specialists
  • Easily increase and decrease resources
  • Simple invoicing
Whole teams

We can provide you with a whole team of close-knit professionals, with a full skill set to lead any IT project in your company. We have teams that work together on a daily basis, so they have already developed methods of cooperation. They can start working on your project right away.

  • Close-knit professionals
  • Complete skillset to deliver IT project from A to Z
  • On-demand recruitment available
  • From project managers, developers to QA specialists

The process behind

Benefits of choosing Digitize24

Our specialists and whole teams work remotely on a daily basis, they are perfectly comfortable with this work model. The remote work allows us to outsource specialists quickly to any country.

Our specialists work in English on a regular basis, they will easily be able to communicate with colleagues on both business and technical issues.

If you have an unusual need for specialists that we do not currently have in our resources, we are able to carry out the entire recruitment process for you and send specialists to work for your company.

We use simple invoicing. Once a month, we will send you a billing with the number of hours our specialists have worked for your company. All you have to do is to pay one invoice for all the work.

You can flexibly increase and decrease the number of specialists depending on your workload at the moment.

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